Learn to build applications

with Apache Cassandra and DataStax Enterprise

What is KillrVideo?

KillrVideo is a reference application for developers looking to learn how to build applications with Apache Cassandra and DataStax Enterprise.

Get Started

Multiple Languages

KillrVideo is available in multiple programming languages so you can learn in the language you're most comfortable with. You'll find the list of available programming languages along with instructions for running the code locally in the Getting Started section.

Microservices Architecture

This is a modern application with a microservices architecture and uses libraries like gRPC from Google and Falcor from Netflix, and deployed using Docker. If you want to learn more about KillrVideo's architecture and how we're using those libraries, check out the Docs.

Powered by Cassandra

Apache Cassandra's peer-to-peer architecture makes it a great choice when you need scalability and high availability. It's also a lot different from the RDBMS systems you might be used to. You can get free self-paced training for Cassandra at DataStax Academy.